Categories: Advice

by Beth


Categories: Advice

by Beth


You’re engaged!! Congratulations! You must be so excited to start planning your wedding day and the most important part of that wedding day? It’s got to be the wedding dress shopping.


Whilst it may seem like ages to your wedding day (that’s if you’ve set one yet!) one of the most important parts is your wedding dress. Lots of other aspects can centre around your dress. The colour of your flowers, the stye of your bridesmaid dresses, the men’s suits… there are so many different choices for your wedding which can be made easier by having your wedding dress decided upon.


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So when should you start looking?

Here at Hoops a Daisy we feel the answer to this question (aside from the practicalities) is when you’re ready to find your dream wedding dress.


Looking for your wedding dress is daunting and starting to look before you’re ready, financially or emotionally, can be difficult. Say you fall in love with one of our dreamy wedding dresses, a beautiful blush ballgown, it’s perfect but you’re not ready to say yes to the dress and you plan to come back in 6 months, how exciting! Fast forward 6 months and you revisit our beautiful bridal boutique again and the dress of your dreams has been discontinued, leaving you heartbroken. This is not the scenario we like to see so we recommend waiting until you feel ready to say yes to the dress.


So you’re ready to find your dream wedding dress?


We recommend starting to look at least 12-18 months before your wedding day. It can take around 6-9 months for your wedding dress to be handmade. Your fittings can then take 8-12 weeks, longer if you’re having custom changes such as sleeves made or a neckline altered.


So where should you start?

You’ve probably got a Pinterest board full of gorgeous gowns but what will suit you? That’s where our amazing bridal stylists come in! Our stylists are all bridal obsessed and they know exactly what will suit each and every body type.


So what are you waiting for? Our bridal boutique rails are full of beautiful wedding dresses from the world’s best wedding dress designers. You can be sure we have the dress of your dreams waiting for you!


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