Fittings & Alterations

At Hoops a Daisy, each fitting consultation is unique and tailored to the bride’s specific needs, providing a personalised service. Therefore, the prices listed below are a guide depending on the complexity of the work. For example, the cost of adjusting a hem will vary depending on the number of layers involved and the amount of lace to unpick and reapply etc.

At Hoops a Daisy, we work with three incredibly talented seamstresses who operate independently and are not directly employed by Hoops a Daisy. For the convenience of our brides, if you purchase a wedding dress your fittings can be conducted in our boutiques. Usually this involves two consultations: one for measurements and pinning, and another to ensure your dress is fitting beautifully.

Fitting & finishing packages start at £50 which includes your fitting consultations and the steaming and hand finishing of your gown before your wedding.

Consultations take place on a Tuesday at Wakefield and Wednesday at Huddersfield and your appointment will last for 30 minutes.

Please note that weekend appointments for fittings are not possible, please consider this when scheduling your diary. Payment should be made directly to the seamstress.

Price List


Slim hem £120

Ballgown style £150.00 ​

Lace hem/horsehair hem £180.00


Darts over bust £60

​Plain side seams (taking in/letting out) £75.00

Side seams with lace (taking in/letting out) £95.00

Standard shoulders (taking up) £50.00

Shoulders with sleeve/dart adjustments £70.00

Shoe string straps from £35.00


Letting out/taking in over hip/thigh on plain skirt £75.00

Letting out/taking in over hip/thigh on lace £95.00

Bust pads and fitting £25.00 per pair Sew bridal belt from £25.00

​Hand sewing and finishing charged by the hour £40.00 ​

Standard train bustle £25.00

Larger skirts with multiple bustles ​£35.00

Changing/adding train ribbon £15.00

Changing zip back to corset back £180.00

All alterations must commence a minimum of 6 weeks before the wedding date.

Alterations needing to be carried out in less than 6 weeks is subject to a £75 rush fee.