Guide To Selecting a Wedding Dress Silhouette

As the bride, you deserve to feel like a princess on your wedding day. We know you want to look your best, and the key to achieving that is to find the bridal gown that you feel your best in. It can be overwhelming to know where to start, so we recommend that the first step you take is to find out which silhouettes are best for your body type, and selecting a wedding dress shape that suits you. Here’s a quick guide on the best wedding dress silhouettes for each body type:

Hourglass Body Types


If your hips and shoulders are relatively even and paired with a defined waist, you’re likely an hourglass shape. Our favorite dress silhouette to flatter this body type is the mermaid, which is designed to highlight your curves rather than narrow them.

Triangle Body Types


If your hips are broader than your shoulders, you’re likely a triangle shape, which is often also referred to as a pear shape. As this body type carries most of its volume on its bottom half, we recommend that you lean towards A-line silhouettes, which are designed to create a slimming effect around your waist.

Apple Body Types


If your body is curvy with a less defined waist, you’re likely an apple body type. Apple body types can also look towards A-line wedding dresses to flatter their curves.

Inverted Triangle Body Types


If your shoulders are broader than your hips, you’re likely an inverted triangle shape. This body type loves silhouettes with full, fluttering skirts, such as ball gowns. Ball gowns add volume to your lower half and amplify balance in your proportions.


Rectangle Body Types


If your hips, bust, waist and shoulders all measure out quite uniformly, you’re likely a rectangle body type. This body type can opt for an A-line dress, a ball gown or a fit and flare silhouette to accentuate curves in your figure. 


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